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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The search for the ultimate deep conditioner! #5

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Hey ladies!

It's been a while now but ever since school started, I've not had the time to post anything. BUT I definitely have to fit this into my schedule. Having said that, I come here today to present to you...THE AVOCADO DEEP CONDITIONER. I used this a while back so, here's what I did.

What I used : one half 'hass' avocado, some olive oil and, a tablespoon of honey, some coconut water 

Let me start by saying that this was my very first deep conditioning treatment and at that point back in late March I was still very clueless on how to embark upon my new hair journey so after watching one YouTube video (by "innovativethinkin" who is a great YouTuber) I decided to try. I rushed to the shops and got an avocado and coconut milk but in my haste I grabbed coconut water instead of coconut milk. Very funny huh? Well it was a mistake I couldn't believe I made either but then again, before that day, I had never planned on getting coconut milk before then so...Anyway I did use it with coconut milk after my first attempt with coconut water

How I did it : I mixed everything in a liquidizer until I get a green paste

Application : I applied it after shampooing my hair then i left it under a plastic cap for an hour

Results : When I used it with the coconut water : my hair did not feel so different, yes it felt a bit strengthened but not at all that soft
              When I used it with coconut milk : my hair felt strengthened but again not that soft but softer that with the coconut water

What I think : I did not like this conditioner no, no, it's more like I am a bit indifferent towards it, well my hair is. Maybe I used it wrongly or something but my hair was not all that hot on it. Apart from that, since I only used half an avocado at a time, I had to try and preserve the other half until next time well but by the time i was ready to use it, it was either spoilt or not so fresh anymore.

Benefits : Avocado adds shine to the hair, elasticity and strengthens. It also contains vitamins E and B. The honey adds shine, softens the hair, helps with manageability, helps retain moisture, and even attracts moisture to the hair (thanks to it's humectant properties). The olive oil is a great moisturizer for both hair and scalp! It leaves shine and strengthens. Coconut milk has many benefits! This is one of my staple products. It not only softens the hair, but it really penetrates the hair shaft and conditions from within (meaning, it helps the other ingredients penetrate into your hair shaft). It contains proteins that strengthens the hair and helps stop breakage and it also conditions the scalp. It also promotes shine and protects. And if ever you want to use coconut water, it's a good moisturizer. 

Note : You can play with the ingredients as you wish, but avocado still remains the main ingredient

In short : I did not observe any big benefits when I used this deep conditioner. But I think I might need to   work with the ingredients and use this more than once to get better results!

Any advice? : When making this deep conditioner, do not mash the avocado manually but instead use a liquidizer to smoothen the mix or else you might have chunks of avocado in your hair that might take forever to pick out.

Have fun with it!

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