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Monday, September 13, 2010

The search for the ultimate deep conditioner! #4

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Coconut milk deep conditioner

Okay so, let me introduce you pretty ladies to my best deep conditioner so far! Out of all the different things I've tried, this is my hair's favorite.

What I use : a little more than one cup of coconut milk, 4 tablespoons of honey, some guar gum, sometimes I add a tablespoon of olive oil

How I do it : I mix everything, except for the guar gum, in a mixer, then I add a pinch of the guar gum to thicken it up nicely

Application : after shampooing my hair, I apply the mix and wear a plastic cap for nearly one hour

Results : my hair feels very soft, silky and strengthened

What I think : as you can already imagine, I love this deep conditioner! It is very simple but does so much for my hair! I wish I could use this everyday :) Not only does the mix easily wash off but I couldn't keep my hands out of my hair.

Benefits : Coconut milk has many benefits! This is one of my staple products. It not only softens the hair, but it really penetrates the hair shaft and conditions from within (meaning, it helps the other ingredients penetrate into your hair shaft). It contains proteins that strengthens the hair and helps stop breakage and it also conditions the scalp. It also promotes shine and protects. The honey adds shine, softens the hair, helps with manageability, helps retain moisture, and even attracts moisture to the hair (thanks to it's humectant properties). Guar gum is not only known for thickening properties, but also for it's conditioning ability. The olive oil is a great moisturizer for both hair and scalp. It leaves shine and strengthens.

Note : You can play with the quantities depending on your hair's desires and you can also add other oils such as coconut oil or other ingredients like an avocado.

In short :  I love the effects of this simple deep conditioner and will keep revisiting it. I say, your hair has not lived if it has not tried coconut milk as a deep conditioner ;)

Any advice? : When making this deep conditioner, try adding as much honey as the milk can take.  I find the honey to be a great complement of coconut milk.

Have fun deep conditioning and please tell me about your deep conditioning experience with coconut milk and/or honey!


  1. hahahah!
    I did it a long time ago.
    hole the kitchen was a mess. xd

  2. Hi Lauraaa, I can definitely relate to that :)


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