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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The search for the ultimate deep conditioner! #3

Banana deep conditioner

After taking out my twists last Sunday, I deep conditioned my hair, just to give it a treat and anyway, my hair was due for another deep conditioning right about then. This is how it went...

What I used: 1 banana, 2 teaspoons of a regular conditioner, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of olive oil

How I did it: I mixed everything in a mixer until I got a yogurt-like mix

Application: I first washed my hair with black soap  then I applied the deep conditioner on my damp hair and covered it with a plastic cap. I left it on for nearly one hour

Results: My hair felt soft and revitalized

What I think: I am not going to use this deep conditioner again (at least not in the near future). Yes, and you ask me why? The one and only reason is: I had little bits of banana stuck in my hair! I washed my hair over and over again even once with shampoo but there were still bits left in there! My hair was only banana-bits-free the next time I shampooed and conditioned. I was not happy with it at all. Nevertheless, this deep conditioner softens and strengthens but I prefer the effects of my coconut milk deep conditioner

Benefits: the banana, which is the main ingredient of this deep conditioner contains a lot of vitamins that is beneficial for the hair, adds shine, helps with manageability (detangles, stops frizzing),  strengthens, promotes growth (when massaged on scalp),  retains moisture (scalp and hair) and help stops dandruff, it can even volumize (this is not a word ladies sorry, but I could not resist) the hair. The honey, adds shine, softens the hair, helps with manageability, helps retain moisture, and even attracts moisture to the hair (thanks to it's humectant properties). The olive oil is a great moisturizer for both hair and scalp! It leaves shine and strengthens. 

Note: You do not have to add a regular conditioner! It is not compulsory at all. I only used a conditioner along with it because I was afraid the mix would be a bit runny. And it wasn't, in fact, even withouh
t the regular conditioner, it was quite thick. 
You can also play with the ingredients depending on your hair needs. Personally, I wish I had put more honey, my hair loves the stuff!

In short: The time I spent trying to take out the bits of banana from my hair has really left a bad taste in my mouth, figuratively speaking. So I will not be trying this again. I hate picking things out of my hair.

Any advice?:  When trying this deep conditioner, try peeling out the strings that cling to the banana because I believe that was what ended up sticking to my hair. You can also add coconut oil to this mix. Coconut oil is great for deep conditioning! 

tyty for now ladies! x


  1. omg inever knew that it was possible to use banana's as a addition to a deep hair conditioner.I guess you learn new things everyday!!!


  2. Hey Coily Mystic. Thanks for the comment!
    Lol yeah...a few months ago, neither did I. But you'd be surprised at how many things are great for the hair but that we find banal and in fact have in our own kitchens!

    Stay blessed and funky ;)

  3. Hey ladies, instead of using a banana, try using organic or plain banana baby food. I know, sounds crazy but it's still a banana, pureed with almost no bits of banana seeds. It washes out great and I've used it several times. You won't be disappointed!

  4. Hi Kiianah! Thank you so much for your comment. I actually read about using baby food somewhere after trying it with an actual banana and I've been meaning to try it out ever since. You are totally right, it does sound strange but I want to try it. Thanks for sharing your experience queen!


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