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Saturday, September 18, 2010

breakage 101 series #2

Hey ladies!

Having had enough of breakage, I decided to draw myself a very strict hair regimen that would help me reduce, even totally stop, breakage. But first, let me address most of the questions we ladies ask ourselves about hair regimens.

1. What is a hair regimen? - A hair regimen is a daily/weekly/monthly plan you draw out for your hair. In the plan, you specify the different hair treatments (ex.Co-wash, deep conditioning...) you will be doing to your hair and the frequency.

2. Do I really need a hair regimen? - The truth is, yes. What most women don't know is that a hair regimen helps you monitor the progress of your hair so that you can take note of what is actually good for your hair or not. The other thing is that, having a hair regimen is a way to discipline yourself. Before I got myself a hair regimen, I never used to wash my hair as I should or deep condition as much as my hair craved for it. But after seeing what my hair needs, I drew up a hair regimen and I certainly have to follow it.

3. Can I change my hair regimen? - Of course you can. Most ladies don't have the same hair regimen in the simmer as in the winter...Your hair needs more care, moisture and less exposure during the cold winter months. I doubt co-washign your hair daily in the winter is a good hair regimen to keep, at least not for mine. Nevertheless, you don't necessarily have to change your hair regimen, adaptation is the real word in this case word. While some women like to adapt their hair regimen to the weather and even their state of mind (or state of their wallet) others like to change it totally. This is a good idea if you see a certain hair regimen is not working for you at all, it would be the wise thing to do but if you see a hair regimen is working for you, stick with it. Your hair could become a victim if you keep hopping from one hair regimen to another!

4. This natural has the same texture hair as I do, can I use her hair regimen? - Another truth about hair regimens is that, there really isn't ONE good one, or the ULTIMATE hair regimen. People have different types of hair and I am not talking about the whole 3a/3b/4a/4b thing. What's more, people's hair react differently to different things. So if someone else has the same hair texture as you do o the same curl pattern, it does not mean your hair is going to react the same way to what that person's hair likes. Of course, you can try the hair regimen and see what works and what doesn't for you.

5. I am very busy, I do not have time for a hair regimen! - What most women do not realize when they say this is that, they are already drawing out a hair regimen for themselves. Just because you are a full time mom, a busy executive or a studious student does not mean you cannot have a hair regimen; you just have to mould your hair regimen to your way of life. For example, you want to be doing the necessary stuff to your hair, like deep conditioning, co washing, maybe even a hot oil treatment, well you have to pick a particular day in a week when you can do these things (maybe once of each a month) and during the remaining time of the week you can twist up your hair or do another protective style. It all depends on you and your timetable! One hour a week is not too much for your hair.

6. I cannot find a good hair regimen, nothing is working for me! - Before you give up, try asking yourself these questions : am I doing anything I shouldn't be? Am I overdoing the treatments? And most importantly, am I listening to my hair? The key to finding a good hair regimen is by listening to your hair, observe and see what brings the best out of your hair. The other thing is starting small. Try the simple things like a co-wash every week, a shampoo with a pree poo treatment every 2 weeks and a deep conditioner once a week etc. From there, you can multiply the frequencies and eventually add more treatments depending on how your hair reacts. That's what I did! Remember: start with a "skeleton" hair regimen, as I like to call it, and feel in the flesh as time goes by, depending on how things work out. But do not be discouraged. Do not deceive yourself into thinking you do not need a hair regimen or your natural hair is a horror story! Another important factor is time! Give your hair time to react to a new hair regimen you are trying. Don't try it for two weeks and throw in the towel. Most results, whether good or even bad can only be perceived after three weeks or so depending on your hair and the frequency of the treatment. Time means patience, so be patient with your hair!

7. I don't need a hair regimen, I only wear wigs and weaves, what do I need a hair regimen for? - The door to good hair growth is through the scalp not the ends or hair as I hope you all know. So if you are concerned about growing healthy good hair, try washing your scalp (and hair) frequently and oiling it, so as to promote a healthy scalp. Another thing is, try giving your hair some breathing time and treating it...You have to treat your hair in between wearing the wigs and weaves or else, your hair will become very lifeless and dull.  Trust me, this is something I did not know but I learnt the hard way. Of course these styles are protective styles but, you have to keep your hair healthy. Even though your hair is not exposed and breaking because of cold weather for example or whatever, it will break from mal-treatment. A minimal amount of care is better than nothing.

That's just scratching the surface on what a hair regimen is all about. For now, I'm also still experimenting, but I am definately sticking to this new hair regimen, especially for the winter and so far, I have seen some changes, though little, I can still say it's a good sign.

Stay blessed and funky

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