"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, September 13, 2010

breakage 101 series #1

Hey, have you ever been in a relationship and realized all you get is pain? Well, I'm not a specialist when it comes to relationships but I can tell you for sure that, that relationship is going nowhere, unless you do something about it.

Right now ladies, that's how I feel...about me and breakage! Yes, I have been wanting to ditching breakage for so long now but, it just won't go anywhere and all it's doing is messing up my hair growth and the general state (health) of my hair. I have been experiencing breakage now from just a little time after my big chop back in March till now. A few weeks ago, it was so terrible, I could not run my hands through my (already detangled hair) without getting strands of my own hair stuck to my hand! At first, at the beginning of it all, I thought it was normal, and that maybe these were strands that had already come off maybe while detangling but I realized it was not normal, breakage is not part of an healthy hair routine! Yes ladies, breakage is not normal. Of course, when detangling, you loose some strands (just a few!!), because of knots, improper detangling, or just weak ends. 
Breakage is the signal that every natural queen should interpret as : your hair is weakening or and your hair routine (also known as hair regimen) is not working out. 
Right now, I am trying to get my hair routine right. The breakage has lessened, but it's still there. I also think the breakage is caused by my changing products so much and the main reason for this is : I make my own products. If you are what many call a "mixtress", you'd know that sometimes, it takes a while before getting THE product that fits all your hair needs depending on what type of product you are trying to make.  Well, I've been going through that phase lately; I've been trying to come up with the perfect conditioners for my hair and also leave in, sealants etc.
I seriously believe this is just one of the reasons though, another culprit is my not having a fixed hair regimen. Please, do not confuse not having fixed products to not having a hair regimen, both are not the same thing and I did not know this (of course one influences the other). This leads me to say that, yes beautiful naturals, you need a hair regimen/routine or whatever you want to call it. This is necessary because it helps you keep account of what you do to your hair, see the changes (whether positive or negative) and helps improve on your hair. Of course, you do not come up with a perfect hair regimen overnight (normally, but if you do you are so very lucky and hold on to it!).
First of all, you have to draw out a sort of skeleton hair regimen: put together a weekly, monthly etc. plan for your hair, including plans about conditioning, shampooing (if you are going to be doing so), special treatments etc. Secondly, try this hair regimen: sometimes, your hair will react quickly to some things than others. When you see your hair is reacting negatively (in this case, breaking, snapping, drying) well then, you need to substitute that plan for another one or do it less often. In time, you will find what is the best hair regiment for you. This takes some experimenting and patience but in time, it will fall into place.
So back to breakage, right now, I am counting on my hair's first loves to help me out : shea butter and coconut oil. I am also trying to minimize my hair manipulation by detangling more with my fingers and less with my wide tooth comb; by wearing a protective style and by being more gentle.
And thus begins the breakage series!

Please share any suggestions or additions you may have about breakage that could help my hair out. Thanks ladies!

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