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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Natural Hair ABCs : Basic tools for every natural queen...

When I first cut my hair, I had no idea the next step to take. I did not know the products to use and neither did I know the right tools: But as time went by, I slowly realized, there are a few things, every natural needs to arm herself with to be able to give her hair the basic attention it needs:
1. Wide tooth comb : this is great for detangling your hair while co washing! Natural hair is very fragile and this comb does a great job in detangling without breaking.
2. Rat tail comb : this is used for parting hair while styling, deep conditioning etc. With this tool, you can never go wrong when styling. I believe the more your hair is long the more you need this brush. At the moment, I can still easily finger-detangle my hair so I barely use this comb right now.
3. denman brush : this is one of my favorite brushes. Never in my life did I think I would ever comb my hair with a denmam brush! This brush is great for detangling and even for a quick wash and go style because it helps define your curls. I personally use this brush to detangle my hair before styling, especially the ends.
4. Satin scarf/bonnet : this is a necessary tool if you wish to preserve your hair to the fullest during the night. Unlike cotton, the satin will not soak the moisture in your hair in addition, a satin scarf/bonnet (or even satin pillow) is not classified as a rough surface thus it will not cause breakage to your hair. Before wearing a satin scar/bonnet, be sure to braid your hair carefully and conceal your ends.
5. hair bands : these are necessary for holding hair in parts while applying conditioner or any other treatment to the hair or when styling, you can even use it to hold your hair in a puff, if your hair is long enough. Whatever the case, just be sure to use the ones that don't have the metal in between because your hair will get caught in the metal and while trying to take off the band, you will most likely pull out your hair. If ever you find yourself using the ones with metal, use this trick : hold on to the metal part while putting it around your hair so the metal part is that last to be put around your hair (this part your hair does not get caught in the metal) and while taking it off, do the sam thing and hold on to the metal part so you are sure your hair does not get caught.
6. clamps : this tool is useful especially while styling and you are trying to ward off any stray hair. YOu can also use it to part your hair into sections.
Well those are my must-have tools that I believe every natural lady should own, just for the fact that they are very handy when dealing with your hair!
Note: you can get any of these tools at nearly any hair supply store or beauty store near you! You don't need to look far.
tyty for now ladies! x


  1. i reside in lagos(nigeria) and am not sure where to get these sort of combs by name

    1. Hey. The wide tooth comb can be found nearly everywhere but quality ones would need to be purchased online. For the moment, just fine a wide tooth comb with teeth that are not too close. A rat tail comb can be substituted with any comb made to do parts. The denman brush can be substituted with any brush that has big thick teeth (I would advice a paddle brush) depending on what your hair likes however i would advice the wide tooth comb for detangling. You should be able to find these basic tools in any beauty shop in lagos.
      Hope that helps, don't hesitate to ask anymore questions :)


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